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              The IRIS Solution at Work in Your Practice

              The Innovative End-to-End Solution for Early Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy

              What is IRIS?

              From intake to referral and billing, IRIS is a complete end-to-end diagnostic retinal imaging solution that helps you close care gaps and achieve 5-star performance.

              Why IRIS?

              IRIS leverages evidence-based best practices to create a comprehensive program based on your goals and needs to improve access and manage population care.

              How Does IRIS Work?

              IRIS delivers a cloud-based diagnostic imaging solution and a workflow-based system integration that simplifies patient identification, examination, and reimbursement.

              Workflow Optimization

              Evidence-based best practices ensure success

              The IRIS FDA Class II retinal telemedicine platform integrates seamlessly into clinical primary care workflows.


              Leveraging a bi-directional EHR interface, the IRIS solution diagnoses vision-threatening retinal pathologies, provides a customized care plan, and interfaces with your billing workflows to support reimbursement.?

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              EMR Integration Benefits:

              • Adoption driven by automated patient identification and orders.
              • Automatic care gap closure with discrete data.
              • Dynamic financial transactions provide discrete data to start the billing process.
              • Workflow integration with customized design.
              • Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) eligible diagnoses.

              Imaging Optimization

              IRIS helps you select the best camera for your practice. Our proprietary imaging technology ensures the best diagnoses every time.

              Imaging Optimization

              IRIS software enhances each image automatically to help best identify potential disease.

              IRIS Software

              Analytics Optimization

              Enabling you to leverage the necessary information to drive results.

              How can IRIS successfully integrate reporting into my existing workflow?

              In working with nearly 100 health systems, we have become experts in designing effective workflows by identifying and eliminating the human-based failure points and always providing accurate information to point the program in the right direction.

              How does IRIS develop its best practices?

              With more than 250 different clinics integrated and more than 205,000 patient exams completed, we have identified what works and refined the process into best practices you can leverage and turn into real results for your organization.

              Custom Dashboards

              Actionable data drives program success

              Rate of Pathology/Normal Results

              Standard Report Sample

              Ordering Sites

              Ordering Sites

              Quality Exam Contributions by Physician

              Quality Exam Contributions by Physician

              Ophthalmology Referral Analysis

              Ophthalmology Referral Analysis

              IRIS diabetic retinopathy diagnostic solution

              Creating better outcomes for patients with diabetes

              IRIS founder Dr. Sunil Gupta shares how technology bridges the gap and brings sight-saving eye exams to patients before it’s too late.


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