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              IRIS Blog: See the Potential

              IRIS Blog: See the Potential

              IRIS Software Platform: Then & Now

              IRIS Lead Architect, Allan Alderman, discusses how the platform has changed and evolved since our inception in 2013.

              Coder Computer Station

              A Vital Sign

              IRIS founder, Dr. Sunil Gupta, knows that physician offices are busy - but offering a diabetic retinal exam during the intake process can be as quick and important as a vital sign.

              Patient Medical History

              Together Everyone Achieves More

              Human Resources and Professional Development leader, Scott Ginnetti, provides a real-life example of how the whole is more than just the sum of the parts.

              Teamwork Puzzle Pieces

              New Leadership, Same Mission: Ending Preventable Blindness

              Hear from newly appointed CEO, Steve Martin, on his continued focus on saving sight as IRIS moves to the next stage in its growth.

              Steve Martin, CEO

              Customer Spotlight: Su Clinica Saving Sight

              Su Clinica clinics in south Texas prevented blindness in more than 500 of their patients with diabetes in less than 3 months.

              Su Clinica Saves Sight

              Want to learn more about IRIS?